What Exactly Is the YMCA?

for Christian youths traveling into cities from the country. It went on to provide them with healthy activities and exercise. Over the years, the YMCA has changed

provide, advise, excess等用法

Provide可為及物動詞或不及物動詞. Provide for somebody/something provide something to somebody…規定之意 The agreement provides that…… Provider名詞,解釋為準備者,供應者…

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provide (vt.)提供,供應,規定,裝備,預備(vi.)作準備,瞻養,規定 . Enter chinese/english word(s), Taiwan address or math. expression :

Central, local gov't spar over ASE case

yesterday requested that Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu (陳菊) provide a more detailed explanation of the scandal involving illegal disposal of wastewater by


請提供A產品的MSDS給我,謝謝。 provide + 人 + with + 物 provide + 物 + to + 人 Please provide me with MSDS of A. Thanks. (O) Please…



Medical service centers open at nation's airports

in Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung and Kaohsiung to provide advice to tourists seeking medical services in Taiwan. President Ma

provide / offer / supply

大致上說來, provide/supply/offer 解釋為”提供”的時候,這三個字…東西為食衣住行等民生用品,而且是較長期的供應。 — provide的用法 : 1. provide + 物 The restaurant…

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provide KK: [] PyDict 提供,供應,規定,裝備,預備 作準備,瞻養,規定 回頁首 provide DJ: [] 簡明英漢詞典 供應, 供給, 准備, 預防, 規定 回頁首 provide DJ: [] 現代英漢綜合大辭典 供給, 提供 裝備 准備 規定 provide liberally for one's family

MRT aims to transport 2.2 mil. passengers on New Year's Eve

celebrations, their goal is to transport 2.2 million passengers in the span of three hours and provide easier commutes for citizens participating in the New Year's countdown celebration


vt. 1. 提供[(+for)] On Sundays his landlady provided dinner as well as breakfast. 星期天,他的女房東…撫養,贍養[(+for)] He tried to earn more money to provide…

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provide (prəˈvaɪd) —vb (foll by for) 1. to put at the disposal of; furnish or supply 2. to afford; yield: this meeting provides an opportunity to talk 3. (intr; often foll by for or against) to take careful precautions (over): he provided against financial ruin by wise investment

New Taipei City’s Medium and Small Businesses service team adds new service

invited 9 corporate groups and 15 colleges within the city, and it combined 370 experts to provide advice. More than 350 medium and small businesses had been helped over the past year


Would you provide me with the information of …please? 因為 the information 在這裡是受詞. ( provide 有及物動詞跟不及物動詞.) 簡單的說, 有受詞大部分用 provide…




app Jamless will be launching in Accra in April, aiming to provide a solution by supplying direct traffic information to drivers on mobile devices. 如果你有1支


…提供,是一種協助的提供的話,是有在字典上看到to的例子: Longman Dictionary: offer/ provide/give assistance (to somebody) — We offer financial assistance to…

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Please provide MSDS of A to me, thank you.「請提供A產品的MSDS給我,謝謝。」請問英文書信上是這樣子寫嗎?provide後面究竟要用for/with/to,還是有其他用法?


希望為當地經濟帶來新氣象。 ■Economic development officials contend data centers provide good jobs, even if they are few, and indirectly create many others in construction and maintenance

請問”provide”這個字 一定是免費提供的的嗎?20點

provide"不一定是免費",但也沒說ㄧ定要錢,李敖當然要替我們爭取,因為這基於美國的台灣…他們本國的國內法(台灣關係法屬於美國的國內法),既使我們不買,美國還是必須給我們武器,因為 …

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Definition of provide from the Longman Online Dictionary of Contemporary English. The Longman English Dictionary provides support and resources for those who want to learn more about English. . GRAMMAR GRAMMAR Someone can provide something but .


, an up-and-coming agricultural superpower with abundant fertile land, is struggling to provide consistently affordable food for its population. 今年3月巴西的番茄價格較去年同期狂飆


provide, offer, supply 都有供給, 提供的意思. 不過provide比較屬於因為規定而提供的意思, 是比較有命令性的感覺..offer 是屬於貢獻式的…

provide / offer / supply –

大致上說來,provide/supply/offer 解釋為”提供”的時候,這三個字是同義字,差別在於句型的結構不同。意義上若再仔細推敲,offer 偏向於提供者自願或自發的行為。supply .


in Da Yuan Township. He directed relevant officials to provide emergency grants to affected farmers based on the principles of efficiency, simplicity and generosity

關代後面到底是接 provide? providing?

…主要子句的動詞無關, 且主要子句的主詞是Public defender programs(複數),所以動詞要用 provide; 意思是整個句子可分成兩個部份: 主要子句:Public defender programs …

provide – Dictionary Definition :

Definition of provide : To provide means to give or supply. When you stay in a bed and breakfast, the innkeeper will generally provide you with a meal in the morning as part of the price of the room. . To provide means to give or supply. When you stay in a bed and .


their free time to work for thirty-two schools in Kaohsiung with subsidy, helping provide the children from new-immigrates’ family with educational assistance. 2.兒童節快到了,教育部


…這個動詞單字, 〝久宜 ,, (( 孟___ 答得就簡單、明瞭且正確,就是 raise 啦! provide 正解即為「提供」,乃及物動詞。  「 provide kids」總不能說是  「提供小孩…

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請問provide的用法 – 文法教學區 – 英語討論區, = English(英語) + .com(網際網路) + .tw(台灣) . 是一個會員互助 學英文 學英語 的英語學習網,所有功能及服務絕對完全免費。免費加入成為 會員,成為我們大家庭的一員,學 .

GKB installed fire detection in Australia air hangers

pace with Airport's security requirement, significantly reduce the potential risk, and provide a solution that responds rapidly and effectively if a disastrous issue occurs. Background


…的是發明,無中生有。 create 指的是使用已知的原理來進行製造所產生的東西。 provide 是提供對方本來就想要、 需要或已擁有但還有欠缺的東西 offer 是提供超出對方…

provide – definition of provide by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.

But is the art of medicine or any other art faulty or deficient in any quality in the same way that the eye may be deficient in sight or the ear fail of hearing, and therefore requires another art to provide for the interests of seeing and hearing– has art in itself, I say, any .

The Misconception of Beauty

done something similar. Hopefully, more companies will change their attitudes and help provide today’s youths and adults with images they can better relate to and more importantly, be proud

請幫我翻譯 implied

provide relaxtions from the surface condition (normally flawless) implied by Engineering drawing. 要如設計圖所示, 表面條件必須舒適(無瑕疵). 原文勘誤: provide…

"provide…for"vs"Provide…with" – Yahoo!知識+

provide . with=provide someone with somethingprovide .for =to supply something for someone or something.請問兩者之間的分別是否只在於表達上的不同,而意思是一樣?還是在用法上有什麼分別呢?Thx very much~~!


of Education announced the selected 33 excellent learning centers to provide as a reference to all schools.2. 為提供高齡者多元學習管道,教育部102學年度結合

Encryption can provide 電子商務20點

1.Encryption can provide all of the following dimensions of e-commerce security except: 加密可提供下列電子商務…



Intelligent Embedded Computers Lead the Way for Life Automation

entertainment. For example, an intelligent coffee vending machine in Europe has provided consumers with the scent of warm coffee aroma after processing an order to simulate a brewing


PROVIDE的用法如下: to provide somebody with something to provide something for somebody to provide something to somebody to provide against something to …

provide – definition of provide by Macmillan Dictionary

Define provide. What is provide? provide meaning and more by Macmillan Dictionary . Get it right: provide When provide means 'to give someone something they need', use the pattern provide someone with something (not 'provide someone something'):


promote a healthy campus, the Ministry of Education (MOE) will provide subsidy for college faculty and students to set up health management and list sex education and

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provide「供應;預先準備」 說明: provide指預先準備或供應必要的物品,有三種方法: a. provide + O.   This grocery store provides a variety of salad dressings.  …